Freak of Nature Fit and Flare Dress in Black


Inspired by strange creatures and oddities, we bring you the Freak of Nature print fit and flare dress! Our custom printed fabric is stretchy with a cool feel and remains opaque when worn. 
Printed in Tennissee and sewn in our Providence, RI studio, this dress has an arable silhouette and is perfect for any activity from frolicking to skating! 

Original print by Pretty Snake, originally developed in 2007, reimagined and illustrated in 2012 by Julian Farmar-Bowers. 

86% polyester/ 14% spandex

Fits measurements below:

XS- 30-31" Bust, 20-22" Waist, 32-34" Hip

S- 32-35" Bust, 24-26" Waist, 36-38" Hip

M- 36-38" Bust, 28-30" Waist, 39-41" Hip

L- 39-41" Bust, 32-34" Waist, 42-44" Hip

XL- 42-44" Bust, 34-36" Waist, 45-47" Hip

XXL- 45-47" Bust, 36-38" Waist, 48-50" Hip